This work package aims to establish a detailed technical and competitive framework. A list of all regulatory requirements and functional aspects together with any perceived values for the target market (OEM) will be prepared based on the collection and analysis of the information obtained. Following this work the project will also prepare a list of tests associated standards/test methodologies, specifying parameters and levels of criticality that will accompany the entire development phase of the project and will assist on the various checks and validations.


This work package aims to establish new constructive solutions and the processing/manufacturing technologies associated, to proceed with the development and characterization of materials and components to be used in the new railway floor system, as well as to perform a computational based structural analysis for the selection between the several concepts being generated during the activity. It is also goal during this work package that the consortium precedes to the design of systems that will convey multifunctionality features to the new system as well as the manufacturing processes and resources needed for the industrialization. In parallel it is also a goal to make an analysis of technical and economic feasibility for measuring the adequacy of concepts generated for the purpose of the application intended ensuring no cost impediments and the financial viability of future manufacturing processes.


This work package aims to further develop the solution advocated on the previous work packages and summarized within the framework of the Milestones accomplished so far. Also developed will be the various active multifunctional systems which the consortium elected to integrate in its new floor system. In parallel a hygro-thermal analysis based on the characteristics and requirements defined for the product will be performed.


This work package aims to execute and prepare all the necessary designs and drawings for the manufacturing of the full-scale prototype while following the principles of optimization and standardization defined under the scope the Milestones of WP2. Still under the scope of this work package the consortium will create and prepare all the industrial manufacturing means necessary for the production of the various parts and systems to be integrated into the full-scale demonstrator.


This work package aims for the verification and validation of the design solutions defined in the previous tasks in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements defined defined by the railway industry and the consortium. These objectives will be achieved by performing the necessary task using internal consortium capabilities as well as by subcontracting the necessary task to specialized laboratories.


This work package provides for the implementation of actions of national and international dissemination and for the exploitation of the results achieved by the project and its potential impact. It is intended to generate a positive and desirable image and ensure clear communication of the advances in economic, technical and functional terms for OEM and of comfort for passengers. The aim is also to raise OEM’s awareness for the potential technical and economic impact of the solutions and capabilities develop by this consortium ensure the sustainability and exploitability of the achievements of this project.